How Deep ?

“First comes the money. Then comes the power. Then come da kine crip bitches, brah” – that was the tagline for director John Ta’s 2004 narcotics smuggling movie  Balls Deep which should not be at all confused with Inverness 4-piece The Ball Deep

Google ‘ball deep’ and see the plethora of ‘interesting’ sites and definitions which come rushing up your telephone line – its scary I tell thee !  Here are the only links you need to find out about or listen to the young sirs…….

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Formed in late 2008, The Ball Deep are an alternative rock band featuring the talents of Rory Baldwin, Peter Nairne, Craig Aitkenhead and Scott Tracey who incidentally left International Rescue especially to take up his position as BD bass player.  Quite a contrast Im sure youll agree. (The bit about Int Res may not actually be true). Theyve  slowly but surely developed a solid live rep although this is made difficult when your drummer plays in 3 local bands – Craig also drums for Little Mill and Stetsonhead.

Ceol-Mor, June 2010

Back in the summer of 2010 (cue Bryan Adams spoof – ok stop Bryan Adams spoof, it didnt work)  The View begged them to fill the support slot at their sold-out T in the Park warm-up at the Ironworks up here in Inverness and Tom Robinson gave them some BBC 6Music airplay which some believe may have saved the station when it was recently threatened with the axe.  The photos which appear here are all from 2010’s Ceol-Mor shows – one in June and the other was the Xmas Eve special where they supported local legends The Lushrollers – and their stonking set at the Ironworks Summer Showcase of this year. 2011.

Shortly after the Showcase gig Rory had to head off on his Far Eastern acoustic tour which took in the usual venues over that way – Hoots Bangkok, The Budokan etc etc.  He has now successfully returned from the critically acclaimed visit to Thailand and beyond so Im hoping to hear some action coming from The Ball Deep camp before too long !

some nice words about the band from important people

“Marvellous music”
Tom Robinson, BBC 6Music

“Building quite a following…Excellent”
ICA Magazine

“Marvellous alternative rock”
Netsounds Unsigned

Xmas at Ceol-Mor

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Ironworks Summer Showcase

The Ball Deep - Six Pound Tracey

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