Its Pleasure Jim, but not as we know it……….

Holy shitballs – I’m late.  Aye really bloody late with this one.  It’s almost the next one.  Fuck !!  Lets make it quick then !!

Netsounds inaugural Unknown Pleasures evening of delight at the Ironworks here in bonny wee Inverness.  No. 2 (snigger) is this Friday – same place same time.

So that’s the latest poster thingummy.  This post, however, is about the last one waaaaaay back at the start of March.  I just suck at getting stuff online in any kind of decent time.  Here we go then………remember – it’s all about the images, the ‘review’ will be pish.

Megan Blyth.  Wonderful as always and for just a wee lassie she does just fine on thon big stage.

Laurence Fox and friend.  Ok but fraught with sound issues.  No crimes solved other than there was a kaput monitor.  Arrests made.  Please excuse the constabularatory arsing about there.

Hunter & the Bear.  Went down a bloody storm.  Lovely fellas too.  I was particularly impressed with a rather marvellous wee accappepappepelleaealdaela thing – sang without instruments n shit, I think that’s how you spell it.  Like the Flying Pickets except not crap.

Lionel.  Absolutely crackeen mun !!  Launched their EP and you should go and get hold of it here.  An interview was held but some twat with a camera and a potty mouth found them hiding and ruined it.  Bastard !!


Discotheque style musical stylings were provided by Jamie Netsounds and Mike Indieness.  Dancing exhibition provided by myself and an anchor woman who shall remain nameless (otherwise her name shall become less)

Thats yer lot – here are the photos.  Took the old stalwart out for a play – The D40.  He fair enjoyed his outing but the 7100 did most of the hard work as always.





Laurence Fox chases that elusive mic





Hunter & the Bear




Josh Lionel



And Finally.........

And Finally………



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