Looking at Verona from Below

I went to Verona in the snow and ended up screaming into a sleeping bag.  Like this………


That may sound like a pretty fucked up Italian holiday but it was really a rather nice evening of tea and singing in Inverness.  Verona are our local melodic-pop-rock-ensemble-band-groove-thang-combo and the sleeping bag was something to do with the singer from James, Tim Booth – no hang on – vocal booth.  Aye thats it.  Vocal booth – sorry, the wonders of the studio are still witchcraft to me and I have no understanding of them, only awe.  I do however sing when Im told to – this was one of those times.



My dulcet tones will be heard on the forthcoming EP on the track Houdi is The Mutts Nuts and We Should All Bow Down and Give Thanks for his Presence on Earth – at least I think thats what its called.  Must try and pay more attention when I get invited along to these wee sessions.


Anyway – the EP is being released into the wild at Mad Hatters in Inverness on 3rd April.  Its free entry – come along and nod appreciatively, dance, get your freeek on and have a bevvy or two.  The tunes are sounding sweet and they have a new bass player to break in – the simply gorgeous Archerio Di Stewarto, who used to inject the groove into the Oxides.  Calum Chisholm on drums, James Mackenzie and Andy Davidson on guitar make up the remainder of the band.  I like them. They made me tea.


Thanks for this James 🙂

Cheers for inviting me to be a part of the Verona Experience – most enjoyable.  Must find out which track I warbled on – I wouldnt be comfortable not knowing…………..the EP is out digitally on 30th March – the band also had me involved in cover and poster creation – not cos Im any good but because Im cheap as chips.

Photos – all taken with the solid Nikon D7100 and mostly with the 10 – 24 wideo like eh.















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