‘No fear, No Rules’ – The Boosts

A request ??  A REQUEST ??  And theres me thinking that no bugger read this !  Right then better buck up, cross the Q’s, dot the W’s, check the grammar and bang this through the sprellchacker.  Ladies and Gentelmoons here are The Boosts !!



Seein as it was a Boost that made the request – ever so politely I may add – Im sure they wont mind if I appropriate bits of their own blurb to fill out this here post.  Saves me having to think too much and I can just sit and drink tea.  Incidentally little Evie D (15 days) is hearing The Boosts for the first time as I type and her head appears to be nodding along appreciatively to ‘Shotgun’.

In the short time The Boosts have been together they have generated a huge local following, and their debut gig at Ceol-Mor was named one of the Highland News gigs of the year (alongside The Editors (excellent), Amy MacDonald (dislike), Rod Stewart (30 years ago) and Rockness). Their second live outing saw the band pack out Inverness Madhatters and proved that the strategy of making each new song available instantly as a free download was the move of smart cookies.  The crowd sang every chorus as if the tracks were receiving steady airplay.  Now I had heard great things about them but hadnt actually seen them up until May 2011 when they did a double-header darn the old Ceol-Mor boozer with The Whisky River Band – yeah thatll be the one that Mr Maclean did with the busted foot if my memory serves me.  The Boosts didnt fail to impress !  These are the Ceol-Mor shots you see here.  Energy and excitement – this wasnt just a gig with these guys, it was an event.  They bring their own ready made, ready to party audience !!  Genius !

A busy summer saw the guys do battle with the Golden Voice Arena on the incredibly orange Sound City stage at Rockness as well as the industry showcase goNORTH 2011 and  played the International Pop Overthrow festival in Liverpool which included 2 sets at the world famous Cavern Club  to rave reviews, the 2nd of those being a personal invite from the festival promoter!  Ok so it isnt THE Cavern Club but its close enough…… !  The band also supported the Dykeenies, playing the inaugural GoSurf showcase event in Thurso and completed a successful short tour of Scotland and all before teatime – phew !!

The Mad Orange Jager Tent – Sound City at Rockness 2011

Seedlings Tent, Belladrum 2011

They appear to be on a bit of a hiatus at present but heres hoping that they have something happening for the festivities and early 2012.  You will notice that I havent mentioned any line-up details – that too appears to be a bit up in the air at the moment.  I await the details with baited breath !!

That do you, Boostfella ??  🙂

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Jake Bolt at Ceol-Mor

Colin Fraser (ex-Jyrojet) & Jake Bolt (ex-28Jacks)

Pel, Colin, Jake


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