Insert Cat Pun Here……….

Aye, so Miaoux Miaoux played to an ‘intimate’ audience in Mad Hatters last Thursday. It would have been nice for it NOT to be so intimate but that’s a Thursday evening in Inverness for you.  The downstairs accordian combo had a full house – oh well. Julian Corrie and co have a new album, School of Velocity, out Monday 1st June and those who managed to find out that the gig was on were treated to a selection from it and Light of the North.

It’s a long time since I’ve heard such a big, full sound from 3 people.  Julian’s a bit of a whizz with the synths, siney waves, algorhymings and turny nob things (those are technical terms I wouldn’t expect you to understand) and Liam Chapmans drumming is just phenomenal – I actually turned into a spotty 14-year-old at the end and mumbled something at him about new favourite drummer on the way out. Tool.  I don’t know why I do these things.


Nice to see Charlotte Brimner again too.  She was our supporting act and you should pop over and like her new page – Be Charlotte.  Just announced for T- Break stage at Teeeneeeefugginpaaaaaaarkmaaaaan too.  Ace news, well done !!


That’s it though – I shall type no more as reviewing ain’t my thang.  Itll quickly descend into a ramble that even I struggle to understand.

All photos created using the witchcraft that is digital imaging on a Nikon D7100 and for the most part a Nikkor 35mm cranked wide open to 1.8 to combat the darkness of upstairs Hoots.  I bitch about that less and less now that I’m settling into high ISO levels and still being amazed at how high I can go before the noise really kicks in.  A long time spent with 1600 being my upper limit means I still get scared of 3200 etc.  Anyway – geeking over, here are some photos from Thursday.  (One of these photos is my favourite of the year so far…………a man happy at his work……)

Oh, while I remember, don’t remove, wallpaper over, manipulate, repost or generally fuck about with my photos.  They are all marked as being mine and have dragons and other nasty monster things embedded in them so just don’t eh.  Thanks











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