The Netsounds Sessions at Belladrum #1

Bloody hell and all that pish !!  I havent shown face in this here place of non-blogging for a month or two.  Lots happened since last time I bothered my lazy arse to hit the keyboard.

Been concentrating more on the other page – the wanky one with ‘serious’ me – This is ADP.  Its not exactly a business venture but it does allow me to move away from gigs more and try more avenues.  More about that stuff over there.

Main reason for stopping by the old nonblog is to crow about my newly found fully fledged card carrying membership of the Netsounds team.  Its like getting a job behind the bar when you drink there anyway.  May as well make it official cos Ive been hanging about them long enough poking them with sticks and abusive language.

Well no, the actual mainest of all reasons is to post three videos – the first three from the Netsounds sessions in a fucking tipi of all places down at Belladrum.  Great fun – Im not going to gush about who was involved cos all that information is in the video descriptions – see Im bored with this typing lark already – Im not even going to spellcheck it.  Fuck it – I have wedding photos to edit and another one to shoot this weekend.

Best be off – fanx tara !!


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