Bloody Kids………..

Ok – usual intro.  Blah blah blah lazy of late blah blah blah nobody reads it anyway blah blah blah really bloody lazy of late.

There, that’s that out of the way.

Another bit to get out of the way – I don’t do reviews.  I used to make valiant (ish) attempts at reviewing music but I’m shite at it.  I know what I like but I’m just not very good at putting that into words at the time of writing.  With that in mind this is NOT a review.  I normally post about gigs I’ve taken photos at or lochs, or kelpies or some other thang I’ve pointed my Nikons at.  I seldom post if I don’t have a photo to share.  With that in mind this is NOT a photo post.  I don’t have any photos of this lady – yet. This is about kids.

One of the reasons I post so little on this site nowadays is that a 3-year-old takes up a lot of your time.  Shes the love of my life and a proper wee performer when she gets going.  That brings me onto the reason for this post.  Someones else’s kid.  CS Buchans daughter to be exact.  I’ve shouted about Charley on here I think and certainly over on the faecesboke page.  I adore his music and he’s a fellow North Easter so I’m required to by law.  CS Buchan is on hiatus (I can only hope its a hiatus) but the postman delivered me a beautiful thing today tho.  The first long-playing record from his wonderfully talented daughter, Katie, otherwise known as Best Girl Athlete.


And that’s about it for this post.  I know, eh.  It was building up to a proper opus of flowery wordiness gushing forth beautificationalismic prose extolling the wonderfulness of this eleven track collection of Katies music called Carve Every Word.  Ah well bollocks to you, nae luck, ha ha etc etc.  It’s utterly brilliant.  (there – consider it reviewed).  I’m not going to compare her to anyone you might like.  I’m not going to give you a track by track account of its total sumptiousness.  Noooooooo.  Go out and buy it – find out for yourself. It’s out in March.  Listen to it with no preconceptions, proconceptions or foreconceptions – not even five conceptions.  Conceptions – see back onto kids again.  This young lady is getting airplay throughout the know Universe, even Echt – and richtly so b’God !!

Soooo if one person goes and tickles their lugs with even one of the tracks then my work here is done.  Heres a wee playlist featuring both father and daughter…………

Now do as your told and bugger off to listen to some Best Girl Athlete.  I’m off to prepare for Evies first EP launch in 2021.  Market Bar (probably)

(Cheers for the tunes Katie & Charley – much appreciated)

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