Kids, Charity, Tattoos and Raffles……..

Aye, so I was in a tattoo parlour this week.  First time in my life.  I’m 48.  Sheltered or what ?  I don’t even know if they’re still called parlours.  Studio is more like it.  There was some serious art going on in there and not just on skin.  This was a visit with a slight difference.  Let me elaborate.


We have a Special Care Baby Unit here in Inverness – affectionately known as SCBU (skiboooooooo).  They do some amazing work with newborns with a huge range of issues.  Everyone up here knows someone who’s life has been touched by SCBU, EVERYONE it seems.  This includes our mates Dr & Mrs Wook who said fuck it – lets raise some cash for this amazing wee place.  Lets get local bands, do a raffle, sell tickets, let people have a good time and do some good while raising oodles of dosh for SCBU.  Well, they bloody well did and now its a sold out 5 band event up here in the Highland Capital on February 28th.  “SOLD OUT” you say ??  “They why are you punting it you dick – isn’t that like bolting the horse before its fully had the gate situation explained to it” (or something……).  TWO WORDS – Charity Auction (and there are still raffle tickets for sale) – ok TEN WORDS and a couple of brackets.  Read on………..


If you’re only just picking up on this event and don’t have a ticket or from way out with the IV postcode then you wont be attending as its sold out – a no-brainer.  What we still have available are pretty goddamn amazing raffle prizes – seriously amazing.  No Ferrari’s but at the same time no sets of teatowels either – there’s a full list over on the Event page – go check it out.  They can be bought via paypal too if you so wish.


Right, back to the tatts.  What the fook was I doing hanging about with 2 of The Whiskys on a Wednesday evening in an Inverness tattoo parlour studio type place – Inverness Tattoo Centre to be exact.  Top inker Kenny Howden is inking wood for SCBU – oooooer !!  Sounds painful eh ?  The tattoo artist is drawing some amazing designs onto a rather tasty acoustic geeetar which will be auctioned on the night of the 28th.  Here – take a look at its progress………….





Kindly donated by The Music Station here in Inverness, the tattooed guitar will be one of the main events on the night and bidding has already started and we are into 3 figures with two weeks to go before the auction.  It’s all going to get a bit Storage Wars on the night – I will be wandering about with a bolt cutter.  I’ve never seen the program, that’s just something I do anyway.

Heres a quick bit of the blurb from the Event page.

Rock n roll and Funk n Soul will be on the bill when some of the North’s finest musicians come together to raise funds for the region’s most vulnerable infants.

The benefit gig, in aid of the Special Care Baby Unit at Raigmore Hospital in Inverness, will see bands including Willie & Tabs MacAskill, The Whiskys, Iain
McLaughlin & The Outsiders, Little Mill of Happiness and The Leonard Jones Potential play on Saturday 28th of February at The Spectrum Centre in the City.

The fundraiser’s being organised by The Whiskys frontman Kris Douglas with help from 2010 Management’s Steve Robertson. Kris says “Like many families across the Highlands we’ve experienced our little one spending time in SCBU and we were overwhelmed by the level of care shown not only to him, but to us as parents too, and we have many friends whose babies have received care there. The SCBU nurses are unsung heroes and we hope our night of music will help raise a lot of money for what is a vital service for so many people“.


Get in touch if you want any more info or want to bid on the guitar – lets face it the guitar is beautiful now, when its finished itll be amazing but this could be a tin of fucking beans – it’s about raising money for an amazing service which is currently underfunded yet absolutely essential.  Oooof – almost off on a rant there – I’ll stick to photos.  See ya !!


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