Oi You Lot, Yes You Lot………Give Yourselves a Round of Applause !!

Well thats me kind of at a loose end till Homework on Friday and Tabs & Willies support slot next week – that and the fact that Im bloody knackered and feeling a tad lazy this week.  Still fancy posting some photos though so I thought Id concentrate on the most important part of the gig – the punters, you lot, the paying public – the ‘paying more and more each year for festivals‘ public.  Without you none of this would have been blah blah blah etc.

Two years at Rockness with a camera hanging off me ensures a never ending stream of people screaming ‘take ma photie, take ma photie’, so I do and most never see the light of day cos, to be honest, Ive got thousands of the bloody things and nowhere to put all of them so heres a small selection from Rockness Festival 2010 and 2011 where Ive attempted to show a bit of everything and everyone – not just the nutters.  Apologies to anyone who posed for shots and expected to see them on another site. Its now working on a different agenda for some reason !  😦

You never know – you might see yourself in here somewhere……….get comfy – theres a few to get through here…….  🙂

Theres a few more here too

This taken before he was assassinated obviously……

The free milk people

Messrs Wilson and Tierney

A favourite stall of mine for obvious reasons to those who know me

A Lushroller, some wives and Hoots staff

The Sides front row

Some randoms and some Teletubbies

Good beer shame about T-Shirt – nicely hidden though

The Edinburgh Munter Crew

World Cup was on for 2010s festival

Rockness Heedphones were all the rage

Fatboys People

Did I mention that there were a few.  I tried whittling them down but like a really crap Scout – it didnt work.  Let us continue with the 2011 rogues gallery……..

Beastie Boys were a late addition – had to borrow Northern Constabulary to make up the numbers


Chemical Brothers front row

Caution: Frightened Rabbit fans

I know one of these people (clue: Nikon user)

Glasvegas fans

All the big names attended Rockness in 2011

These crazy kids had just got engaged – sweet !

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unless otherwise stated

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