The Return of Maid Marion


Fuck all to do with Robin Hood or his fair lady – this is our own Fair Lady of Scottish Musics return to the ‘airwaves’ or rather the podwaves, waveweb, inter-radio, radionline ??  I have no idea how to categorimicalize it but, holy shitballs, Marion Irvine (nee Scott, tamer of Des (almost) – too many brackets) (possibly) returns to our lugs this weekend courtesy of Netsounds and North Highland Radio. 8 pm Sunday – hmmm wonder why they picked that time – info and links all below !!

Here is Marion reacting to the news that I might join her in the studio with my Andrew Ridgely CD’s.  I didn’t, wouldn’t and wont – don’t panic !!


I asked Marion what the hell was going on – she kicked me in the shins for being a pain in the arse then told me this…..

“I’m lucky enough to takeover a wee podcast for them Netsounds folk….a wee retrospective look at 2014 through my ears! Occasional fruity words, jaunty quips about recent events and wall to wall bloody good music from a stellar line up of Scottish acts that have impacted me this year. Available 8pm Sunday 21st
It also goes out at 9pm on North highland radio – or via TuneIn radio app

Soooooooooooooo – get your dials tuned to whatever format or media method that suits you best and tune in.



I’ll post a link to the podcast on here as soon as I can get one also too as well hopefully probably definitely…………

Jamie & Murray in their natural unsigned habitat

Heres a bit of back story from Netsounds regarding why Marion is now podcasting and no longer radio-ing……..this is taken from the Inverness Couriers Whats On Section which Netsounds sporadically write for.  Eloquently put as ever and with zero swearies hence why I copied and pasted it rather than write my own #lasyasever

We first started Netsounds to offer an alternative to mainstream radio. We were sick of not hearing the bands we had just seen amaze us live at a gig or festival. Our aim is and still is to feature the grass roots and emerging acts that mainstream radio so often ignores.

We are by no means the only ones. There are hundreds of great new music podcasts offering alternative listening, plenty here in Scotland too – Podcart, Scottish Fiction to name just two. There are also some outstanding radio shows too that cater for those who want to sample some of the best new music emerging in Scotland – BBC Scotland’s Vic Galloway and XFMs’ Jim Gellatly. Both are true champions of new music in Scotland.

However there seems to be a dark cloud hanging over commercial radio in particular just now. For us most evident with the “North’s Number 1” MFR.

MFR’s new programming schedule seems to be more in line with the other stations operating under the banner of Bauer Radio. This in effect means there is no real difference between Clyde 1 and MFR apart from some local accents and local advertising.

Marion Scott who used to present the “MFR Sunday Nights Show” was one of the champions of new music in Scotland. When you mention Vic Galloway and Jim Gellatly, Marion’s name should be in there too.

Following her maternity leave Marion told us that the MFR advised her that her Sunday night show would no longer be a platform for local bands, unsigned acts or anything that isn’t classed as mainstream by their content controllers.

Marion was at a loss. No longer could she play the music she loved and had a passion for. It was a difficult and painful decision for her to make but she felt she could no longer carry on at the station following their rebranding exercise.

It appears to us that unfortunately MFR has completed its journey to become a corporate bloated commercial entity with no passion or love for real grass roots, emerging and unsigned music. It just goes to prove that commercial radio really is the last ship for the labels with bags of cash to keep sailing. I’m not saying commercial stations or any other mainstream station should play wall to wall unsigned and under the radar acts – that would be commercial suicide but there needs to be a balance surely.

If the people involved in running these stations and playlists have any passion and commitment to music then they need to support grass roots acts as well as the Coldplay’s and Taylor Swifts. Local acts benefited from the platform that Marion offered. They would often go on to get wider recognition and get sometimes get picked up by national stations like Radio 1 for example.

Commercial radio in particular seems to want to have the hits created before they will play them. Marion didn’t just play tracks from unsigned and emerging acts, she mixed it up with commercial tracks, live sessions and great album tracks. She talked about the acts with a real and genuine passion. I’ve visited Marion number of times on air and she has helped us promote some of our gigs and artists we have been involved with – every time with passion and interest oh and maybe the odd glass of red too.

It’s a real oversight that MFR is prepared to lose that passion and commitment. As a “local” station for the North I can’t help but feel they have also lost a large part of their connection to the local people, their identity and the music scene too.



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