Cats, Fish, Paws and Womens Names

I know, I know – the post titles get worse but its 630am ffs !!  Woke up to shouts from America this morning to say YAY to going public with more Belladrum vids.  Big thanks to PAWS and Catfish & the Bottlemen for taking the time to check out our lo-fi moving pictures and letting us go public. We do still have footage of an up and coming young Scottish band which we have had to sit on since goNORTH so it’s always nice for some major acts to appreciate our semi-drunk falling-about-with-cameras-at-festivals schtick.

Going to go with one from each this fine morning (its pissing down).  This will make the Womens Names part of the title make sense……..

First up is Catherine 1956 from Phillip of PAWS.



……..and now Van of Catfish & the Bottlemen



Big massive grandiose huge cheers to Netsounds for letting me hang around and drink their cider and to MFR and the exquisite Marion Irvine for allowing us all to nick their audio and generally use their van for storage and gear for sitting on EVERY FUCKING YEAR !!  Thou art all legendary !!

Cheers to all the bands for letting us get in their faces too – I have more Belladrum to come.  I’m lazy !!


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