More Bella based Leaping

Well its time I made an effort with some Belladrum photos eh.  It’s now October.  No more excuses.  I shall now begin slotting some posts in bit by bit.

Friday was good – we have ascertained that.  Saturday was also good.  This happened on Friday.  Its earlier in the day than the Adam on the Bus videos – you can tell this by the outside location and lack of rain.

Randolphs Leap have never disappointed me yet – I don’t expect them to.  Happy happy joy joy.

This is thems outside in the sun (ok, daylight).  Filmed by myself and Mr Macnetsounds under the close scrutiny of a heavily pregnant Marion Irvine and a devoid-of-womb Murry MacNetsounds.  Photos by me with D7100 and various lens.  I also had a special attachment attached to my camera on the attachment bit for special attachments which meant it could so special stuff (it didn’t – its bog standard no frills and I was sober – again this meant it mustve been Friday !! )

Photos are from their set earlier in the day down Hothouse avenue – 2nd band of the day for me and they were sublime.  Always nice to catch up with Mr Meredith and his wee gang of Olive Groovers !!












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