Phantom Miller from the Moon

Shit title involving puns on bands names or just general nonsense involving bands names. Check.

No sign of a Belladrum photo post yet. Check.  Must be houdis crappy website then !!

Hiya – aye I know – still done bugger all about the Belladrum pics but in my defence I’ve been editing weddings, events and loads of bloody video from Belladrum – it’ll all be getting posted very very soon seeing as I’ve now delved into the realms of SUPERFUCKINGFASTINTERNETWEBFIBROUSOPTICALIFICATIONS !! (I got fibre optic BB this week – woooooop etc)

Anyway, popped out to Hooteroooters on Wednesday night – I know, a fucking skool night.  What am I loik ?.  Finally get to break the long-standing Phantom Band cherry, discover Man of Moon (for myself – not in general……..) and experience my beloved Little Mill in acoustic mode.

THIS WAS THE BEST GIG IVE BEEN TO IN ABSOLUTE YEARS .  No really, it was.  Rick Anthony and his band of happy chappies were even better than I could ever have hoped.  (trying not to be too gushy here but I’ll defy anyone to say they weren’t entirely blown away by Wednesdays performance).  It was like a Saturday night in there (only much much better). Hats off to Netsounds and Mad Hatters – this was a total triumph !!

Two amazing drummers in Iain Stewart of PB and Mikey Reid of Man in Moon – phenomenal stuff.  An ‘older’ gent boogying his ass off while holding a wine cooler and a bottle of Pinot (I dont know if it was pinot or not but that sounds good).  Lots of nice compliments about quality and price from the audience – the banter was excellent as always from Rick.  Man in Moon were a revelation – drums and guitar only so I expected either a White Stripes or Bronto Skylift shenannigans – not so !!  Go listen – find out – they are quite superb.  Little Mill of Happiness without a drummer are completely different.  No really ? Yeah yeah but I mean dynamically. No really ?  Aye – fuck off I know what I mean.  Theres still that mean snarling undercurrent but they were naked, bare, clothes off, butt starkers.  Id watch that again but I really do need a fix of the full Little Mill experience asap !!  Enough wordy pish though – I’m trying to cut back on that but thought Id better put something in as no wordies seemed to be present on the night.

This was an outing for the D7100 and mostly using the Sigma 28 – 105.  For a change I decided to not fight or scream at the darkness or red lights in Hoots and just embrace the situation and the shot Jpegs mono and RAW files, (shut-up you geek). The monos worked brilliantly.  I’ll continue with that then eh.  I fucking love that 7100.

As usual there’s more images floating around over on Faecesboke
























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