A Quiet Pint in The Market Bar……….

……….was just not going to happen.  Not this particular Wednesday.  No Sir – nae bloody chance !!  A Heavy Metal Buffet was on the menu.  4 bands – 2 of which Id see, 2 I wouldn’t.  Yes – it was bus wanker time again.  At least these guys kicked off at a decent time.  I arrived at The Market about 8pm hoping to have a quiet tin or two of Strongbow and a natter with whoever was on the go.  I went from being the only punter in there to being surrounded by black-clad, mean & moody hairy metallurgists in the space of 15 minutes !!  Actually all very nice ladies and gentlemen but a daunting sight when about 20 of them converge on the tiny Market in a one-er with all their gear !!

I don’t often go out without a camera and tonight was no exception but I hadn’t expected Donnington to arrive so only had a 50mm on me – attached to a DSLR obviously.  It would be tight and at one point I was behind the bar.  Even used flash at one point – I know, what a fucking maverick eh.  Not the only snapper on duty tonight though and I ended up having the pleasure of meeting Mr Matt Jolly of sunny Eberdeen – a fellow Nikonite and a ‘tog whose work I greatly admire.  Which was nice.  Also turns out the drummer of Semper Fi is a young fella from my neck of the woods over east whose family and mine have many connections – small world but I wouldn’t want to paint it right enough !  😉

So, as I said I was in the realms of buswankerdom again so only caught Witch Charmer and Tombstone Crow – both up from the North of England.  Had to miss Orkneys Ten Tonne Dozer and the aforementioned Eberdeen Loons, Semper Fi.  To cut a short story even shorter it was a cracking evening – I was 13 again and in my head, dressed in a patch covered denim jacket sporting spots and a big fuck off mullet !!  Yes, I was quite a catch back then.  Happy Days !!  Rock on !!

20140820-_HDI0311 20140820-_HDI0319 20140820-_HDI0333 20140820-_HDI0356 20140820-_HDI0382 20140820-_HDI0411 20140820-_HDI0418 20140820-_HDI0422 20140820-_HDI0449 20140820-_HDI0510 20140820-_HDI0516 20140820-_HDI0551 20140820-_HDI0575 


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