Pictures of a Beer Festival

North Hop 2014 !!  Eden Court, Inverness.  

Prepared for a jolly evening of drinking fine beers and talking rubbish with old friends.  Slight change of tack when official flash unit failed (Canon of course……) and I had to step in to attempt to document the event – few beers already down and Id also discovered the Monkey Shoulder !!  Used the Nikon D7100 along with Sigma and two Tamrons – wide and long.  Not my ideal choice but as I said I was there to get pissed predominantly – shocker eh.  50mm is getting ropey so was off the menu also – think the goNORTH beer incident is further reaching than just the 18 – 140.  Cleaning will soon be undertaken – more bloody expense.  Anyway – I digress.  

Photos of beer and people are below and also over HERE on my Faecesboke page.



Nice to see Megan back on the scene !!


20140829-_HDI1238 20140829-_HDI1255


Finally broke my Woodentooth cherry !!  Excellent

20140829-_HDI1286 20140829-_HDI1359View from the stage…………………..

20140829-_HDI1304 20140829-_HDI1316 20140829-_HDI1334 20140829-_HDI1348

20140829-_HDI1375 20140829-_HDI1425 20140829-_HDI1387 20140829-_HDI1378 20140829-_HDI1377


20140829-_HDI1744 20140829-_HDI1682 20140829-_HDI1636


20140829-_HDI1605 20140829-_HDI1582 20140829-_HDI146820140829-_HDI1776


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