Moths, Teeth and Nice Guys from Oban

I like Washington Irving – even if I didn’t like their music Id still like them.  They are genuinely nice guys.  Always happy to see you.  Always happy to see an audience even if, like tonight, it was desperately small.  A lot of nice guys on the stage tonight.  Fuck sake – that was a bit crawly bumlick wasn’t it – true though.  Penniless Moth, Woodentooth and Washington Irvine played to around 30 people at Inverness Ironworks.  Didn’t stop any of them giving it 100% up there, sorry, down there – another floor gig but this time, thankfully no barrier to get in the audiences view.  

First experience of Penniless Moth – Topher Elliott and Neil Mackenzie – and they were tremendous – quiet, unassuming but unbelievably intricate when it came to doing stuff on those stringed box things, erm, guitars……that’s them.  Acoustics played wonderfully.

20140907-_HDI1990 20140907-_HDI2011 20140907-_HDI2036

Next up were Woodentooth featuring the enigmatic tub-thumper D-Rock.  They seek him here, they seek him there – he came, he battered, he left, sweat still trickling from him as he left the building post-set.  The rest of Woodentooth wield axes not acoustics.  Always a pleasure to see Rory rocking the fuck out.  Pearl Jam in a Kilt.  Brilliant.  Second time I’ve managed to see them now having missed every other bloody gig due to shi(f)t work.  They make me smile and tap my Baldwin-endorsed white sneakers.  Hehe !!

20140907-_HDI2044 20140907-_HDI2059 20140907-_HDI2073 20140907-_HDI2118 20140907-_HDI2138 20140907-_HDI2152

Finishing off their Highland tour showcasing new stuff for their forthcoming album were Washington Irving.  As far as folk-rock kinda things go these guys tick all the boxes.  Exciting to watch and a pleasure to listen to – did I mention they were awfully nice blokes too?  Songs like ‘Were all Going to Die’ went down a storm with the small, intimate, tiny audience.  Lapped it up they did.  Hopefully see them again next year up this way (who knows – Xmas was mentioned tho so you never know eh)

20140907-_HDI2265 20140907-_HDI2334 20140907-_HDI2373 20140907-_HDI2376 20140907-_HDI2403 20140907-_HDI2415

Everything happened on the D7100 tonight and mostly the Sigma f2.8 – hard work tho – it was dark in there tonight, bastard dark.  Fair play to the Walking Dead – Calum, John and Graeme on shopping duties) on sound and lights tonight who have just done a marathon shift with some cocktail party type affair up over the Kessock Bridge.  Poor guys were done in !!  Nailed a couple with the wide angle and as usual the lovely folk at the Ironworks let me wander about to my hearts content – cheers Dougie and Sandra !!  Im assuming all other local photographers and press types were either watching Scotland get gubbed, X-Factor or that awful shite Strictly – of course one should never assume – missed a good un folks !

So here you go – photos – not my best by far but, hey, cant fight with the dark. These are truly awful fucking images if Im honest having looked again – sorry but be sure to go and check the bands out tho – thats the important bit !!  Cheers !!


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