Brownbear on the Bus

Heres another from Buzz Project / Netsounds / Numpty with the Nikon sessions at Belladrum 2014.

Now, Matt & Chris from Brownbear spent an hour badgering us to let them be part of the sessions and we reluctantly gave in and allowed them to do one song, it was embarrassing really – they offered us all sorts (liquorice ones) – no wait, shit, now that I think about it, thats wrong.  Im such a lying bastard.  We, of course, asked them and they graced us with two whole songs, one of which I shall post below and the other I shall keep all to myself for another wee while – lets not get all excited and premature about it – savour the treats I bestow upon you and be patient !!  

Normally I would accompany such video postings with some still images from the event but Im only now realising that I didnt take any – shocking and unbelievable I know but there was limited room in the Buzz Studio and Roving Reporter Macdonald was already having to hang from the ceiling to film.  I just concentrated on pressing the ‘record’ buttons !!  Here’s an oldie from Hatters of Matt and his guitarmachinething (Im not very good with the technical words – sorry……)

brownbearhatters (5)

This is Brownbear – Stop the World.  Enjoy…………


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