Grooving with the Oxbows

Righto !!  Time to get back into posting some musicimificatory photographamical type stuff again !!  Been a bit quiet round here of late in the world of nonblogging.  Lets remedy that and where better to start than last nights wee sojourn doon the toon and up the stairs to Mad Hatters here in the Heeland Capital.  

The Oxbow Lake Band – aye, them that live down around Funky Town on the Isle of Grooves.  Great big ball of R & B, funk, soul and other such muchness.   (Geek Alert – All taken using the Nikon D7100 and a mix of the Tamron SP 10-24mm f3.5-4.5 Di II and the trusty Sigma 28-70mm f2.8 EX DG Lenses )

Heres where to find them on Bandcamp and Faecesboke

More images here on my Faecesboke pagerama.  Sartorial Elegance at its finest and grooves at their grooviest……….

20140905-_HDI1970 20140905-_HDI1870 20140905-_HDI1893

20140905-_HDI1962 20140905-_HDI1873 20140905-_HDI1860



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