Beer n Gin n Rock n Roll……….and food and stuff………loads of stuff………


Looking forward to the first ever North Hop Event at Eden Court this weekend ?  I are too also as well.  Going to be ‘hopping’ along on Friday evening to poke cameras in folks faces and avail myself of some of the entertainment, snazzy grub and, of course, BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER N STUFF !!


Speaking, OK typing, of which I got hold of some snippets from the North Hop programme for the weekend and I shall now display them below here down there here kinda thing………..

So, loads of bloody bars !!  That’s good.  No tokens to fanny about with either I’m told !!

Programme Bars - Web

There just happens to be some stage-type places in Eden Court Theatre – who knew eh – and they will be being been being utilismicated by the musical element of the 2 day feshtival, eh !!

Programme Music - Web

In addition to the final line-up, organiser/director/general manager/overall manager/manager/overseer/overlord/Darth North Hop, Michelle Russell has also managed to secure one of the illustrators who appeared at the BrewDog Punk AGM back in June called Lee Matthews.  He is going to be at North Hop on the Saturday doing some large scale illustration work in front of everyone which should be interesting.  Other interestingness below………..


Programme Fest Fun - Web

And shitting hell – here’s the booze lineup !!  As Malcolm Tucker would say…….”If you don’t go get me some cheese, I’ll rip your head off, and give you a spinedectomy.”  !!!  (only relevant in the fact that there will be cheese and I’ve just completed the entire collection of The Thick of It on Netflix – fuckadoodledoo)

Programme Breweries - Web Right !!  See you at one of the bars then…………………



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