ig:lu unplugged #9…..Michael Cassidy


Humble apologies !!  In all the kerfuffle of Belladrum, Weddings and real life I completely forgot about this final session from the goNORTH ig:lu fun and games we had back in June.  Ok, final from me – there’s one out there but the act would rather we didn’t post it as they’re now concentrating on new tracks – the joys of the fast paced music industry I suppose.  Good job everyone else who performed for us were taking life at a slightly slower pace.

This is the banterific Michael Cassidy – came in at mid-day on day 2 and just blew us all away and I swear if he didn’t have places to be we’d have had a full 2 hour set from him.  We spoke a lot of shite, he played a few songs.  Deep Joy.
This post goes out to the world – I love ye !!  😉

An absolute pleasure to work with – heres 3 from Michael




Well done Netsounds and CMPS for getting this all happening and to ig:lu for letting us climb their mountain.  And well done to all of you for letting bugger lugs here come in and fuck about with cameras too – much obliged.  Lets do it again soon !!


Shame about the Neon Waltz one not being cleared – I’m sure they’ll let us let you see it sometime.  It is rather good !!



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