Stuff about goNORTH 2014 (Lazy Nonblogging Alert)

Right – made it, finally.  So much other stuff going on right now, so little time to concentrate on anything goNORTH other than our own sessions from the iglu !!

So – goNORTH 2014.  It was good.  I enjoyed it.  Here are some photographic images of musics and peoples.  It’s changing its name next year – I forget what to.  Must pay more attention 🙂

Another collection of images over here on the faecesboke – give us a like too while you’re at it

gonorthbands (1)

United Fruit doing it up a close !! Tidy

gonorthpeople (1)

Men looking at women on a catwalk

gonorthpeople (2)

Netsounds trying to convince their stage manager to get rid of that godawful fence from the stage in The Room…………..

gonorthbands (2)

……….fence remained. Didn’t stop Our Future Glory from playing a blinder though. It’s a great venue if it wasn’t for that damned banister thang

gonorthpeople (3)

Matt in the Market

gonorthbands (3)

Culann – I expected traditional Scottish country dance but got my ass kicked and socks blown off !! Ace band !!

gonorthpeople (4)

Inverness sprinter and guitar leg end, Jake ‘The’ Bolt

gonorthbands (4)

Swedens Pale Honey in the Market

gonorthpeople (5)

The brilliant Charlie Roth getting comfy with Rob Ellen in the Room

gonorthbands (5)

Dr Wook was trying to break a bar of toffee in his back pocket here !! One of my goNORTH highlights. The set not the breaking of toffee

gonorthbands (6)

Felix Champion confused the fuck out of me – instruments were being handed out to all and sundry. They were shit-hot too and it was someones birthday……..possibly this gentleman

gonorthpeople (6)

Pale Honey with a couple of palid dummys, namely Jamie the Grin and Wesley Two-Tins

gonorthpeople (7)

Generic Netsounds Pose

gonorthbands (7)

Dante and the banister

gonorthpeople (8)

Mackenzie by houdi

gonorthpeople (9)

houdi by Mackenzie

gonorthbands (8)

Forieignfox – helluva chanter is this bloke !! Lungs of steel !!

gonorthpeople (10)

Standard Netsounds Pose #2

gonorthbands (9)

Garden of Elks – no drums were injured or feelings hurt in the making of this photographic image

gonorthbands (10)

Fuck Art Lets Dance

gonorthbands (11)

Siobhan & Tommy in Hatters. Pins were dropped and heard clattering to the floor

gonorthpeople (11)

Fuck you too Mikey. Hehehe. Local Paws uberfan Mr Duncan lets his feelings be known.

gonorthbands (12)

Pinact at the Market

gonorthpeople (12)

The End


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