ig:lu unplugged #1…..Miss Irenie Rose

I’ve harped on about these since we did them – twittinged, follybooked and giggled them all over the plus for weeks so here is the first of a run of posts featuring the amazing sessions from ig:lu filmed during goNORTH 2014.  I’ll let the shakey, dodgy, poorly focused video footage speak for itself.  (Nae bad for a first attempt by the boys tho eh !!).  It was an absolute shoestring budget – fuck all – and neither Jamie or myself have seriously filmed anything with DSLRs before. Steep learning curve on the horizon. The sound is pretty damned spot on thanks to Calums team and hopefully the whole package is enough to do the 2 days work justice !!  Here’s to further collaborative experiments in sound and vision eh !! (aka arsing about on the 4th floor with beer and haribo)

This one is all about the island treasure that is Miss Irenie Rose.  I’m not even going to taint this post by gushing about how brilliant she was (and is, and will continue to be……).  Here she be. Videos.  Three !!


Filmed by Netsounds Unsigned & houdidontblog
Sound Recording by CMPS Production Services
Final Edit by Al Donnelly / houdi
Recorded at ig:lu Inverness

……..and finally……….we could have listened all day !!

Thank you Miss Rose 🙂






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