Highland Rabbit Festival (with beer)

Nah – I’m takin the piss aint I !!

It’s not that kind of hop, its more beer n gin n music – we’re good at that up here.  This one finishes off the summer, its at the illustrious Eden Court and I’m pleased to say that this here is the exclusive first look at the line-up so far !!


Along with all that damned fine beer, scofferoo and juniper japery you can have a wee sway to the songs of Lionel, The new-look Oxides, Aberdeens Daydream Frenzy, our wee pal Megan Blyth, young Dylan Tierney, some bloke by the name of James Mackenzie, Smithtons own Sara Bills,  new kid on the block Hannah Finlayson, rock megalith WoodentoothCraig Robertson, Penniless Moth, Susanna Wolfe, the 78rpm stylings of A Clockwork DJ and in the finest tradition of such announcements as this, many many more !!  Facking hell – should be fun.  See you at the bar !!  What ?!?!?!?  No photos I hear you ask ??  Oh go on then………..










Go here NORTH HOP ONLINE and sign up for the newsletter.  Tickets are on sale now so snap em up – when they’re gone they’re gone !!

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