Call to Tea

Oooooooooh yeah !!  The boys done good !!  Our local heroes (that buggered off to live down south – its ok, their hearts are in the Highlands 🙂  ) have scored a gig on an abandoned airfield in Fife !!

callmind (1)

Call to Mind, among other amazing Scottish talent, have had the call up for T in the Park on the BBC Introducing stage !!  Bloody good show !!  Never being one not to celebrate stuff in style here’s is a photo of Netsounds, Jamie Macdonald attempting to feed Call to Minds Jamie Ross a microphone at Eden Court and Jamie refusing point-blank as he’d just had a big ice cream which would have probably already spoilt his lunch………  Heady days indeed !!

Top Swag chaps – here’s the full BBC Introducing line-up………….

The Amazing SnakeheadsBaby QueensBeta Blocker And The Body ClockBrownbear


callmind (2)

Call To Mind, Charlotte OCCopper LungsCynikalEilidh HaddenFlorrieGO WOLFHannah TrigwellLisbonMedalsNew Desert BluesNothing But ThievesOne BitSilver ArmSlaves, and the mighty Tijuana Bibles

Here are some obvious filler photos of Teeneeepaaaark – vintage maaaaan seeing as I havent been for 9 years………..





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