ig:lu unplugged

Why the hell would you plug in an igloo in the first place I hear you ask incredulously, of course, and with a quizzically jaunty angle to your eyebrows !!

Well you don’t.  It’s a rather sexy old building up top end of Church Street in Inverness housing media management companies, the ever-handy ICA Magazine, social care agencies and the wonderful empty white room Netsounds, CMPS and myself were permitted to take over last week during goNORTH 2014 to record some acoustic sessions.  Cheers Ig:Lu.  We Love You !!

The year before Netsounds had been involved to an extent with the goNORTH sessions at the Ironworks – I no doubt posted stuff from that last year, sorry I  don’t keep up with this page as much as I should, hehe !!  As always I tag along on Jamie and Murray’s coat-tails and grab whatever bone gets thrown my way, photograph it and stick it on this stupid wee website.  This year no bones were thrown to Netsounds by goNORTH therefore zero marrow bone was coming my way either.

FUCK IT was the battle cry – let’s do our own thing.  So we did.  Jamie and I did some filming and photoing and the wonderfuly talented Calum from CMPS did some audioing.  His sidekick Stephen was the best clapper we’ve ever seen. Murray Netsound oversaw the entire operation and he ruled with an iron fist.  I’m still sore but that’s another story for another time.  Oooooer !!

Video and Audio will be starting to seep out over the coming weeks but here’s a taster with some stills from the 2 days of fun, nae sun, Innis & Gunn and good music by the ton (cheesy as fuck eh………).  Mostly D7100 and mostly black and whites cos that’s my thang right now.  Enjoy……………

igluunplugged (1)

igluunplugged (2)


igluunplugged (3)

igluunplugged (4)


igluunplugged (5)

igluunplugged (6)


igluunplugged (7)

igluunplugged (8)


igluday (1)


igluday (2)


igluday (3)


igluday (4)

igluday (5)

igluday (6)


igluday (7)

igluday (8)

igluday (9)

igluday (10)


igluday (11)

igluday (12)

TEAM IG:LU FOR GONORTH 2014 – Cheers to all involved – job well done and thanks for letting me tag along !!

igluday (13)


4 thoughts on “ig:lu unplugged

  1. Brilliant pictures, you all did a great job to make it an awesome day, much appreciated. Didn’t take in the venue so much at the time but it looks really cool in the photos, great backdrop. Interesting as well to read a bit of background on the sessions. It’s really good you guys went for it regardless.

  2. Electric Igloo – now there’s a blogtastic name I might just snap up. Seriously, after all those stairs you deserved the reward of a fine series of pics – nice one.

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