Solo Mac, Nae Veronica

While I’m toiling over images and video from the recent goNORTH Festival of festival-ness – a celebration of all things North such as poles, stars, East, West etc – I got the nod from wee Jamesie, as I affectionately call him, to knock up a poster for his forthcoming solo tour of which he is undertaking without the aid of a band hence the solo label – solo, on his tod, nae band like eh.  I, of course, immediately down tools and get into creative mode (4 San Miguels and a wee Auchentoshan………).


Erm – here it is then.  The shot used is of the Moray Firth from Rosemarkie Beach.  All other info is on the poster.  If you get a chance go and see the young fella m’lad with his pals Ash and Kyle you probably should although it’s not compulsory…….yet……….anyway, back to goNORTH and its many photos and movie things………watch this space for some exciting (if you’re easily excited) stuff 🙂

James tour


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