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Brew at the Bog 2014 was good craic – if I put aside the fact that I couldn’t get a beer quickly (or rather a cider) or entry to the Gin Bar was more exclusive than I really needed it to be due to entrance deficiency it was still fucking good craic !!  All of these issues are in hand and wont feature next year !!  I’m buzzing for 2015 already……

Apologies for taking nearly a month to get the wordy shit below together or these remaining photos that aren’t already on faecesboke or flickr online.  I’ve been busy !!  Honest !!  Every now and again someone actually pays me to do some photography for them and for that reason the editing and non-blogging has taken a back seat while I earn.   Now as usual this isn’t a review, per se, its more of a gush about things I like and managed to see.  It’s a busy wee festival is Brew at the Bog.  I was a punter, remember – it was a beer festival………..nuff said 🙂

Anyway – here ARE the rest of the Brew pics with some drivel in word form surrounding them.  I’m keeping it brief as I’m sure you can’t be arsed with my pish three and a half weeks after the event !! Everything shot on Nikon D7100 using either a Nikon 50mm f1.8, a Nikon 18 – 140 f3.5 or the ‘brand new the day before’ Tamron 10 – 24 f3.5.  There, that’s the geek speak out-of-the-way……….(and there was me proclaiming Id only take the D40 and the 50mm as a challenge – nae danger – lol )

Highlights for the day had to be Campfires dedicating White Lights to silly old me and Dave ‘Solareye’ Hook taking to the stage wearing the hoodie that features my wee image of the old Odd Mobile (RIP).  Chuffed to fuck !!  (Mine no longer fits me – hint hint……..)

Here – read Mags Chrystalls write-up on the Highland News site – a proper review !!

Rest of the photos are over at the BREW AT THE BOG 2014 album over on faecesboke

bog 001

Arrived at lunchtime having been already plied with Strongbow by a heavily pregnant Mrs Irvine which always a great start to any festival.  Instantly into Protect the Bump mode as Marion and I braved the barn for King Creosote.  Pretty bloody busy (rammed) and pretty bloody special too.  I ended up actually standing behind the sound desk at the back and didn’t even attempt a photograph so my first ‘shooting incident’ came along with the utterly fantabulous Lionel – can’t believe they haven’t asked me to join yet.  I could be their Bez !! (or not…..).  It will soon be one of those clichés and no doubt someone has already used it to describe them at Brew but its true – LIONEL NEVER EVER DISAPPOINT – Its. Just. Not. Possible !!

brew14 (1)

brew14 (2)

brew14 (3)

brew14 (4)

brew14 (5)

Wee Jamesy Mackenzaroo as he is known to those of us who wish to annoy him by changing his name into something silly was out the back on the strange wee Pond Stage.  Not bad strange, just strange strange – directly behind the Barn Stage yet didn’t seem to be affected by sound pollution which was good.  It did seem to be forgotten about to a large extent which meant for some really nice, intimate but damp, sessions later with the likes of Jo Mango.  Jimmy Mac and Verona rocked the shit out of it though.  Tidy.  Sporting members that literally learned the tunes 8 and a half minutes before going on stage. they sounded great.  I like the new Rock Mackenzie !!  Ooops, sorry, “hard pop”

brew14 (6)

brew14 (7)

brew14 (8)

brew14 (9)

brew14 (10)

Aberdeens Little Kicks performed on the main stage.  First I’ve seen them since goNORTH 2012 I think.  Tight wee unit.  Me likey – big fan of Steven Milnes voice from seeing acoustic gigs up here.  This was also where I knew I’d catch up with George fae Eberdeen (Flares n Seagulls) to say hello !!  🙂

brew14 (11)

After a swift tasting of the fancy ciders on sale before the queue reached to Daviot – bloody lovely I may add – I prepared to finally lose my Campfires in Winter virginity.  Now this did not entail being wined, dined and taken to a seedy motel by the hirsute heroes from Croy ( North Lanarkshire Croy nae Highland Croy).  NO – it was more of a gig-virginity thing having met the guys a few times but never yet got it together to watch them do their thang live.  Tears would flow – I fucking knew they would.  They looked great – Wullie like a whirling dervish at some points and I thought he was going to lose the end of his bass in thon wee barn.  Then they dedicated White Lights to lil ole me – shit that took some serious lip-biting I can tell you to stem the wee boy eye leakage.  It’s a favourite song of mine and YOU SHOULD MAKE IT ONE OF YOURS !!  All of this and a preview of the new single We’ll Exist was just too much for me and I melted into a blob of Auchentoshan on the Barn floor.  BRILLIANT – an absolute highlight of the day without a doubt !!

brew14 (15)

brew14 (16)

brew14 (17)

brew14 (18)

brew14 (20)

Now this has taken me so long to get together that I’ve run out of wordiness so I’m just leaving the photos below.  Yeah – I know – cop-out !!  I’ve said it before and I’ve said before that I’ve said before – I take photos.  I leave the writing to super Mags over at Highland News – link at top !!  See you on the Farm next year !! (Videos right at the end…..)


brew14 (21)

brew14 (22)

brew14 (23)

brew14 (24)

THE BROKEN RAVENS (another highlight – these guys are shit hot – trust me)

brew14 (25)

brew14 (26)

brew14 (27)

brew14 (28)

brew14 (29)

brew14 (30)

brew14 (31)


ROMAN NOSE (holy fuck !!!!!)

brew14 (32)


CALL TO MIND (I love this band – LOVE)

brew14 (33)

brew14 (35)

brew14 (36)

brew14 (37)

brew14 (39)

brew14 (40)

brew14 (41)


JO MANGO (Yet more wonderment from Olive Grove camp)

brew14 (42)

brew14 (43)

THIS SILENT FOREST (easily one of my favourite bands of the last 5 years – theyre just perfect)

brew14 (44)

brew14 (45)

brew14 (46)

brew14 (47)

The compères – Messrs Galloway & MacCrae prepare us for the Odd Squad !!

brew14 (48)

brew14 (49)

brew14 (50)

brew14 (51)

STANLEY ODD (If you hadnt seen them before today then you were in for a treat !!  Scottish hip-hop at the absolute top of its game !!  Yaaaaaaaaaass !!)

brew14 (52)

brew14 (53)

brew14 (54)

brew14 (55)

brew14 (56)

brew14 (57)


brew14 (58)

brew14 (59)

brew14 (60)

brew14 (61)

brew14 (62)

brew14 (63)

brew14 (64)



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