Hey Hey We’re the Galipaygos………

……..and people say we Galipaygo around…………. (have I used that before – probably – no matter !!)

gals (2)

Yes sireeee Bob – who’s Bob ? – The Galipaygos are back (were they away ?) and they have a beefier sound up their sleeve nowadays, just past the elbow but well away from the pinkie !!

New album is out now and its a stonker !!  There – bit of a subdued review this time round but its Sunday and Im feeling a bit subdued.

I urge you to go have a listen to these stalwarts of Highland alt-country-rock-blues-rock-country-blues-alt music ! It is rather good……….like a fine wine or a large bourbon and a bag of sausage and tomato crisps – remember them? !!

THE GALIPAYGOS – Plain Sailing on iTunes

gals (1)

Plain Sailing on Soundcloud (for the cheapskate streamers  🙂 ……..)

In fact I’ll make it easy for you to have a blast – never say I ain’t never been no done good no more to you ever etc………..


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