Modern Life is Rubbish……..

Ok so its not but modern gig tickets on the other hand are rubbish.

Weeeeeeell, they are a bit shit nowadays, arent they?  Its all e-Tickets, QR codes or barcodes, etc. Retina and thumbprint secured holographic tickets or water based venusian mind cards.  If it all gets a bit smudged or read wrongly by your smart phone instead of gaining access to the musical extravaganza you’d hoped for you end up with a smoked sausage and a 4-pinter of milk or a copy of the latest brochure for incontinence pants delivered to your door !

Again drastic I suppose but possible (in a situation comedy kinda possible……).  This train of thought came about after my recent session of scanning ticket stubs.  Creating digital images using the big glass bit inside my printer – who knew eh !!  Ingeniouminoustic !!  See everytime I begin one of these waffles the end product will be me showing you things.  At least its not a collection of selfies eh !!  Im trying to get all the hard copy photos and documents in my life onto small digitimalistic hardy drive type devisicals.  No real reason other than its something I can do.

So – tickets and ticket stubs.  Heres a small selection of some of the better looking and more interesting ones. My favourite bit on some of the earlier ones are the prices.  Motorhead in 1980 for £3.50 for instance. Pink Floyd for £15 in 1988.  Amazing

The rest are all over here.

If anyone else gets theirs scanned feel free to pass on any links – be interesting to see other folks past in digital form.


Alabama 3


Jethro Tull

John Martyn Ritzy


Pink Floyd


Primal Scream


RHCP Manchester

Rolling Stones

Sigue Sigue Sputnik

Spin Doctors

The Smiths




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