Gerry Loves Tuesdays

Aye eh.  Netsounds & Mad Hatters presented a Gerry Loves Records showcase up those stairs on Tuesday !!  I have to say I was hugely disappointed.  Not one photograph of Jamie Netsounds flipping me the bird or gesticulating with the V’s !!  It’s practically a tradition at Netsounds events so I’m rather gutted.

Oh don’t worry about the music – that was fucking stupendous even though the turnout was a bit iffy for the first hour or so.  It was a Tuesday night in April but still………….


Yusuf Azak – an Aberdeen lad (Westhill he tells me) with a quirky voice and stunning guitar-work – classical flamenco blues folk I shall christen it !!  Brilliant !!



Adam Stafford – not from Aberdeen but also displays some utterly amazing guitar work as well as moves that were, for me, more than just a nod to Iain Curtis along with swooping, looping sonic assaults and that left me speechless – if you know me you’ll know that’s impressive – I managed expletives though…….obviously, for fuck sake.  Also the best dressed man in there – if I’m not mistaken he changed out of his shirt and tie into a clean shirt and tie after the show !! Dammit – I aspire to be that classy !!

adamS (2)

Heres the wanky bit for any geeks reading – all of these were Nikon D7100 with the 18 – 140 and 50mm lenses !! For some reason the lights were in my favour – chuffed !!  There are more over on the faecesboke page as usual although it is undergoing a bit of an overhaul.  Trimming of the bush so to speak 🙂

adamS (5)

adamS (4)

adamS (3)

adamS (1)

Ahhhhh and onto Mr Redbeard. Rick Redbeards singing voice could ice a chocolate cake it’s that bloody rich.  I like it a helluva lot and that’s all down to Mrs Irvine of MFR without who I would still just know Rick as being the bloke out of the Phantom Band – he is so much more than just that !!  He chatted, he played, he remembered facts and anecdotes from his last visit to Schneck and even stopped singing and merely strummed while waiting for visiting tourists to get comfy !!  And he swears – they all swore.  I fucking love swearers !!

redbeard (2)

redbeard (1)

redbeard (3)

What a bloody nice finish to an intimate night of wonderful Scottish music.  Thank you Gerry Loves Records. Thank you Mad Hatters. Cheers Netsounds !!  Another brilliant Inverness gig…………yup !

So, still a bit weepy about lack of V signs but the music more than made up for it.  Cant help thinking that if everyone that should have been punting the gig had done their bit over the days leading up to it we’d have had a bigger audience for it.  Hey ho – thems the breaks eh.  I’m off to peruse my Netsounds Rude Gesture Photo Archive (doesn’t everyone have one of those…….and if not why not?)

moreadam (1)

moreadam (2)

moreadam (3)



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