Better than Kassidy……..

So we started Wednesday with a rather tasty Belladrum announcement and rounded it off in yet more tasty style with a smattering of Dylan Tierney and a smidgeon of Michael Cassidy and his band down at Hootananny courtesy of those lovely chappies over at Netsounds Unsigned !!  They are rather good to us all you know……….

dylanhoots (2)

dylanhoots (1)

Dylan got a bit lost in the incidental chitter chatter of the bar at times – the down side of being solo acoustic in a pub on a Wednesday evening I guess – but he held his own and his strong set went down well with the gathered throng.  At 16 he already has what you’d call a distinctive voice  – quirky but suits the music well – course it does you twat, its his music !!

dylanhoots (3)

cassidyuk (1)

Now Micheal Cassidy – Id like to see this fella and his band at Belladrum.  Hed go down a storm in the Grassroots.  I can just see the crowd, pints in hand, swaying in time to the tunes with the sun streaming in through the marquee doors or Robs Potting Shed Stage would be a great setting too.

If Jackson Browne was born in Paisley I reckon this is what he’d be sounding like.  Micheal looks like a young John Martyn at times too circa Bless the Weather.  Played a blinder tonight and his patter was great.  All round entertainment !!  Even tried to sell the audience bikes – don’t ask – but most importantly he sang and his band played.

Cannot wait for this mans album to become a reality – it will be wonderful !!

cassidyuk (2)

cassidyuk (3)

All the images were taken using D7100 – weapon of choice these days – and an 18 – 140mm at hi ISO – even the videos.  Now they will be a bit shaky as its hand held and out of focus as, well, as I’m still learning the ins and outs of DSLR video so you’ll just have to deal with it.  No other bugger in attendance to take photos/video last night.  🙂

cassidyuk (4)

cassidyuk (5)







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