New to Me: Night Noise Team

We’re back to Scotland for the next post – this ones had a two-pronged PR assault on me via Permwhale Recordings and Black Spring PR. Edinburgh based pan-European pop machine Night Noise Team sound like Blue Nile meets Daft Punk having a pint with Heaven 17 while Giorgio Moroder dicks about in the background trying to work out which way his kilt is supposed to go on !!  The Scottishness must be the Edinburgh effect as they actually appear to be a French/Irish combo Fabien Pinardon and Sean Ormsby – I shall leave you to guess who’s from where. Together these two incomers have been writing, arranging, recording, playing on, producing, mixing and releasing tracks on their own Permwhale Recordings label since 2008.

Download only single ‘The Enemy, Time’ is out March 31st and the albumRever Electrique’ is due at the end of April as download and limited edition vinyl !!  Ooooh fancy !!  I’ve spent the last hour or so giving it a whirl on the old Dansette (lies – digital version but the Dansette bit sounds so much more hipster).  Its great so if you like your pop electronic a la Chvrches or (for the oldies like me) League Unlimited Orchestra or the like then Night Noise Team are sashaying down your alley.  Bonjour !!



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