Hit Like a Drummer !! Rap. Yes !

Tell ye what.  This last year has been chock full of female drummers for some reason.  Like buses, I don’t see any then three come along, almost at once.  Donna Smith of Shaped, Garden of Elks Kirsten Lynn and Audrey Tait of Hector Bizerk have all battered the bejeezuss out of my radar recently (metaphorically obviously) but Audrey has got something to shout about at the moment so this is about her.

hectordrum (3)

An email came through my electronic letterbox the other day from Louie over at Team Bizerk – I naturally assumed that he had decided to finally take up my challenge of a Battle Rap – I’m sick, safe and generally booyaing the fuck out of the rap scene right now with my ill rhymes and shop-soiled beats (I’m not – that’s just crap, shut up you fool !!).  But noooooooo this electronic missive was to keep me posted as to what their stickswoman has been up to of late !!

Erm, THIS……………..

Yes, “oocha fucker” I hear you gasp and I return with “oocha fucker indeed” (see – battle rap ya bass……call and response. Boom).  6 minutes of percussive bliss all thrown together as part of Audreys entry into Hit Like A Girl 2014.  Fellow bizerker Fraser Sneddon provides the bass lines and I’m just out of shot rapping but some bastard had turned my mic off – twas my best to date too (more lies……when will it end).

After I watched it I wandered out to my shed just to glower at my kit for a while.  Stuff like this inspires me then I remember I’m pants so I don’t bother – a bit like looking at a book of Annie Liebowitz photography then going to pick up a Nikon.  Knocks me off my stott for a day or two – hehe !!

Hit Like A Girl 2014 is the third annual global drumming contest for female percussionists.The event is produced by Hit Like A Girl Contest in conjunction with founding sponsors DRUM! Magazine, TRX Cymbals, and Tom Tom: The Magazine of Female Drummers and is made possible by the support of dozens of companies in the music products industry. Get your arse over there and have a look !!  Audrey Tait Hit Like A Girl

hectordrum (1)

Heres some Hector info.  Drums. Rap. Yes !!

“Formed in 2011 by female drummer/producer Audrey Tait and Scottish battle rap champion Louie Bhoy, Hector Bizerk have positioned themselves at the forefront of independent, British, left field music. The Glaswegian duo have an insatiable desire to explore the creative possibilities created by their intrinsic drum and rap combo. Hector Bizerk has a knack of finding a balance between densely literate, social comment and thunderous festival anthem. Their music making ethos has gained some significant fans ranging from the likes of Jurassic5, Grandmaster Flash and Alt-J.

hectordrum (4)

Their unique take on hip-hop culture has been welcomed as a force of nature on the UK and Irish festival circuit. 2013 was a year of milestones with Hector playing over 100 shows and self-releasing their critically acclaimed album Nobody Seen Nothing. The band have recently been commended by receiving The Scottish Alternative Music Award. 2014 promises the potential for wider international recognition which see’s this Scottish hip-hop duo make their US debut in New York.”

They’re at The Crofter in Fort William on 22nd March – well worth a wee travel. Good wee boozer (and I speak from many many wonderfully arseholed experiences………)

DISCLAIMER:  houdi is neither a battle rapper nor does he have an electronic letterbox.  Those are lies. Its sad – he needs no encouragement.  He can however keep a 4:4 beat but doesn’t get to do it very often……




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