New to Me: The Machine Room

It’s a fact that New To Me basically means I haven’t been paying attention to things that are going on musically. It’s a shit theme/title anyway but it’s there now…..  These guys are NOT new to anyone else.  Just incase there are one or two of you who stumble across this crappy web space that haven’t heard of them then here is some plagiarism of Congregation PR‘s lovely email !!

Read what the experts have to say and go have a listen………(that’ll be on my tombstone – that and ‘he was a lazy copy and pasting bastard’ – guilty as charged m’lud)…… its a big beautiful swirly, guitar driven noise of swirly noisiness driven by guitars.  Eloquent as ever eh ?


New label Disorder Recordings is set to release new material from Scottish skygazers The Machine Room in March.  Disorder Recordings rises from the promoters behind the popular Old Blue Last club night.  The Machine Room packed out many venues throughout 2013 including The Shacklewell Arms, Birthdays and The Bull & Gate as well as appearing at festivals such as T In The Park.  It’s 2014 and they’re back ready to release new material that was only previously heard at their enthralling live shows.

The Machine Room from Edinburgh consist of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist John Bryden backed up by Adie Emanuel (drums), Cecilia Stamp (synths, keys, guitar, backing vocals), Ryan Marinello (guitar, backing vocals) and Scott Hitchings (bass), exist in their own swirling world of heavyweight rhythms and featherweight melodies. Sweden E.P. is released on Monday 17th March 2014 on Disorder Recordings and is undoubtedly the mildly electro-fied dreamers most catchy and well produced work to date. They have truly found their dreamy shoegazing sound and built upon the success of their previous offerings with complex beats and swirling guitar treats.”

Now then – are they skygazers or shoegazers and do they constantly swirl……….theres only one way to find out………actually it doesn’t matter, our necks move either way so they can be both.  Go Listen.  Go Buy.

There is much to savour in The Machine Room’s intricate and deft melodies.’ – DIY

 ‘I bloody well like it I do – Its like really really good music – yeah !’ – houdi

‘Sweden is a prime example of the band’s ability to transcend the instruments at their disposal and bring us into a world of shoegaze wonder, and most importantly, a shameless groove you can fall in love with quite happily.’ – Scotland on Sunday (The Scotsman)

‘The Machine Room create a sound ahead of their time’ – The 405



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