Lets Get Ready to Rhumba

Another cryptic post title and another Thursday in Inverness.  Went to pub, chatted with some donkeys,  watched a 4 person 3 piece and got into some casual sex while drinking red stripe cos the ciders shite.  Even got to see the Arctic Monkeys at one point.

Now I will have billed this as a Netsounds Takeover night but I’m now reliably informed that they are no longer known as Takeover nights – this is to combat the inevitable comparisons between Mur & Jamies Netsounds Takeover and Ant & Decs Saturday Takeaway which is back on the idiot box of late.  To be honest that’s probably for the best as the Takeovers have traditionally had shite prizes to be fair.  Good craic but shite prizes – there’s a tagline.  Now known as Netsounds & Mad Hatters Presents……….


Ant McPartlin recently

Now the Arctic Monkeys mention might seem a little unfair but it’s certainly not unfounded – Bite Night do sound remarkably like them.  Thats been told to me umpteen times as if it’s a bad thing but I reckon if you have to sound like someone then better its a decent rock band that the fucking Venga Boys or some shite.  Nah, nowt wrong with Bite Night – good solid ‘indie’ rock with good solid grooves throughout.  I’ll go and see them again !

bitenighthatters (1)

bitenighthatters (2)

Now then, now then – Lionel !!  They’re the 4 person 3 piece.  Expected 3 and got 4 !!  When did the bloody keyboard arrive.  I didn’t get that memo.  I just don’t notice things like I used to and nobody tells me.   Also now with added Russell Montdrummery too !!  That man leaves a kit writhing about in pain !!  Yaaaaas !! There is no denying it – Lionel are bloody good, damned bloody bleeding good tight as a ducks arse kinda band indeed.  Great songs, great grooves, great lyrics. Josh reminds me of a young me back when I fronted my 4 piece power pop combo, Blair, and his voice reminds me of Alex Kapranoskdoldlksdolsdiskds off of Franz Ferdinand.  That contrived comparison throws up a nice connection to tonights head-liner, the disgustingly named Casual Sex, who supported the Franz fellas rather successfully in Mericur late last year.

lionelhatters (1)

lionelhatters (2)



lionelhatters (3)

I don’t have much to say about Casual Sex other than if you haven’t seen their (for me) Talking Heads/Television/B-52’s tinged trickery then you are missing something rather special.  My advice tho is not to get all tangled up on the comparison bandwagon and just enjoy casual sex for what it is.  I think they’re shit-hot and I have made a moving image type recording to support my belief.  Casual Sex – it’s not casual but it’s fucking sexy !!

More photos over on the faecesboke site

Casual Sex will fuck you up

csexhatters1 (1)

csexhatters1 (2)

csexhatters1 (3)

csexhatters1 (4)

A mix of D200 and D7100 for tonights workout and I have to admit to the cardinal sin of gig photography – I used flash for a couple.  SB400 unit as the big fella is still in Spain on holiday at the flashfixers.  I’m not proud of it but I just can’t be fucked scrapping with red lights and turning every shot to monochrome just to get a half decent result to post !!  About half way through I just stopped taking photos and watched the band.  I tend to forget to do that a lot of the time and end up watching music performancifications through a tiny view finder.  What a twat !!

thesex1 (1)

thesex1 (2)

thesex1 (3)

thesex1 (4)

thesex1 (5)

So a very well attended bash for a Thursday night.  Out of the 4000 punters that attended, 3872 of them were photographers of some description…….honest.  Ok maybe it just seemed like that.  There was one point though I thought fellow ‘tog Roddy McKenzie was actually in the band. King of the Photobomb.  Hehe !!  I do like a blether with Roddy tho and yet another session of the photography world being put to rights !!

Casual Sex – they’re not cornflakes you know !


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