New to Me: Matt Lawton

I always say I only post stuff here that I like – I get a lot of emails – christ knows why, the senders can’t have actually read the witterings on here.  If you have sent me something and I havent posted about it here or on the faecesboke page (I know – I don’t know why I have that either) then your thang isn’t my bag.  This, however, is my bag.  Matt Lawton is definitely one for the musos among you or, like me, those of you who enjoy listening to a lot of Stanley Clarke, Frank Zappa, George Duke and Herbie Hancock among others – even Level 42 in places, not the latter wilderness years but roundabout the Pursuit of Accidents and before !!  If you are at all aware that bass guitars come in more than 4-string flavours then you may ‘get’ this.


Its Jazz fusion – its noodly and its an aquired taste – Those of you with a nervous disposition look away now.  Those aural warriors and mavericks among you – dive in and have a blast !!

The Optimist Artwork


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