Who Shot KN ??

Ahh – that’ll be me then………..

A small selection from my recent photo-shoot with Orcadians, Kenda Nagasaki.  Nice blokes – we had a bit of a laugh and the images turned out ok !!  Big thanks to Hoodja for letting us crash their jam sesh and kisses to Hootananny for letting us in from the cold, very very cold afternoon air.  Happy days !! Their singles out in April – I’ll be shouting over on Faecesboke about it nearer the time no doubt !!

The whole Photoshoot thing is very different to my normal modus operandi – gigs, events etc, shooting things and not controlling the situation, just documenting a happening if you like.  The shoot process, like weddings, requires a degree of organisation and imagination.  I’m getting there – just another learning curve !!

All taken using Nikon D7100 cos I fucking love it !!  D200 came along for the ride but stayed in the bag.  Poor 200 – he still gets out to play now and again !!  Flash unit didn’t play ball and is now back at the manufacturers to be soundly whipped and be retrained !!

Anyhoo – I’m always available mostly sometimes and I have a quick turnaround – oooooer missus etc.  Join me on my learning curve – you know where to find me…………..

kendashoot (7)

kendashoot (5)

kendashoot (9)

Then we stopped arsing about and got serious………

kendashoot (8)

kendashoot (1)

kendashoot (3)

kendashoot (2)

kendashoot (6)

kendashoot (10)


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