New to Me: Holly Tomás

Oh yeah OH YEAH !!  This made my ears prick up !!  This has rekindled my obsession with Sia and Zero 7 !  This is brilliant. I love when emails arrive with stuff like this all attachimified to them…….

Holly Tomás from East Lothian has quite a voice.  Dripping with honey, it fits right in with the aforementioned Zero 7-style vibes.  Im liking this track a lot………………..

Here’s what Johnny Black of Hi-Fi News had to say (or rather here’s the only bit I could find anywhere to nick that described Holly and her music – I have no idea who Johnny Black is…….)

It’s getting harder to find singers with a unique voice; and it’s becoming impossible to find song writers with a unique perspective. Holly Tomás has both… (the) delicacy of her songs should snag anyone looking for something more challenging than Kylie. The intelligence of Joni Mitchell, the avant garde instincts of Laurie Anderson and the ambience of Enya – without sounding remotely like any of them. Don’t expect to see Holly Tomás on ‘Top of the Pops’ but don’t be surprised when chart-topping waifs start name-dropping her.”

“... hints of Bjork ‘Homogenic’, Goldie’s ‘Inner City Life’ but still the whole thing is entirely her own.”
Andy Stennett, Producer

Anyway dont expect any wonderful prose from me about this lady – I’m too busy listening – fire in and enjoy !!



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