New to Me: Kenda Nagasaki

Another one that, like yesterdays, I’d posted about on shitbook (is anyone else getting the clues that I’m just not ‘feeling’ faceboke these days ?) is Kendà Nagasäki !!  Another polite email and more spiffing music !!  This time from Orkney, Glasgow and Forres – band practices must be a pure bastard to organise !!

King of the copy-and-paste striketh again – here’s the tunes and the blurb on the guys !!

“These guys have a real freshness and individuality about them: lots of different ideas in the mix, great vocals, great guitar – much more than your generic indie hopefuls.”
(Jim Sutherland – Page & Plant/Aberfeldy/’Brave’)

“As the name suggests, Orkney 4-piece Kendà Nagasäki are not afraid of raising eyebrows. Their mile-wide maverick streak is evidenced in their self-titled debut EP, which is positively seething with juxtaposed styles – from melodic modern alt-folk to upbeat funk infused ska.

The band formed in 2012 features Rory Pearson (vocals), Ali Tait (guitar/vocals), Henry Bateman (bass) and Will Scott (drums). Whilst their collective inspirations include acts as diverse as The Police, Talking Heads, Jeff Buckley, Neil Young and Primus their creative urges stem from members facing some rollercoaster challenges in recent years. The EP is packed with trenchantly observational lyrics, chock-full of sharply crafted rhymes and arresting imagery.

Topics tackled on the EP’s four tracks range from Britain’s propensity for war, in the darkly urgent, Celtic-tinged ‘A Helping Hand’ to a graphic portrayal of gluttony in the deceptively upbeat, ska-accented ‘Cardiac Arrest’. Echoes of psychedelic pop pervade the edgily off-kilter ‘One More’, conjuring the spiral of drunken and drug-fuelled excess. While ‘Fresh For Feeding’, partly inspired by Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’, is a punchy, funk-laced indictment of corporate exploitation.

The band describe their songwriting method as “a bit of a jigsaw process” – an apt analogy, too, for the EP’s overall sound, whose myriad disparate elements dovetail into a precisely-crafted whole. It was recorded in a remote island croft-house, with leading local roots musician Brian Cromarty as producer, before Edinburgh alternative music guru Jim Sutherland added the final spacious sheen and multi-layered depth that distinguish all four tracks.

As for the eye-catching but wilfully cryptic moniker, inspiration was obtained from an unusual source – a colourful, now-departed denizen of downtown Kirkwall, Orkney’s capital. Described as a wonderfully eccentric individual whose carefully nurtured fashion sense married a Luftwaffe-styled trench coat and matching captain’s hat, with a t-shirt celebrating the 1970’s wrestler, Kendo Nagasaki. Known to indulge in such comical pastimes as shooting cap guns at tourists, hurling insults at local dignitaries, pretending to grab the genitals of others and attempting to take Billy Connolly hostage, his rich legacy will forever live on!”

There you go – infinitely more eloquent than I could ever be – the young gents will be appearing as support for Young Aviators at the February Netsounds Takeover at Mad Hatters here in Inverness – I’m looking forward to it SO SHOULD YOU !!  LOOK FORWARD. NOW !!

The rumours that I am also supporting under my alter-ego Rollerball Ricotta are completely unfounded !! (Thats another mispelt nod to 70’s wrestling…..)



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