New to Me: Deathbells

Ain’t done one of these for a few weeks and I’d already posted something about them on the non-blog faecesboke page but having spent most of last night listening to the EP on Soundcloud I felt I should really give this Glasgow band the massive exposure that this page can offer them.  Pay attention, my two subscribing yak herders in Ulan Bator and that mad Eskimo that logs on thinking its a seal-clubbing website – this is Deathbells !! They send polite emails and sound a bit like QotSA………..

Erm, that’s about it really !!  Theres fuck all about them on either the S’cloud or Facksakebook so as the old cliche goes – lets let the music speak for itself.  I think its pure deed brulliant but, as ever, of course, indeed, etc thou should get yer own precision listening gear in gear and go treat yourself to some Deathbells !!  With any luck we should see them up here in the highlands come spring or thereabouts !! I’m looking at you Hootananny/Mad Hatters……….

PS – Money Making Sequel is just fucking genius !!  Its 0825 and I’m having a wee ‘dance’ round the ‘office’ !!

There you go, Deathbells, I’ve just upped your fanbase by a possible 3.  No no you’re welcome !!



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