I ended up judging a Battle of the Bands heat the other night at The Eagle in Inverness.  I’ve discovered its my new least favourite thing to do – 3 great bands and 3 of us had to choose a winner.  Each one brought something different to the table and that made the process really, really difficult for all involved.  In the end I absolutely had to pick Alness trio, Shaped !!


I won’t bore you with a massive ramble as to the who’s, the whys or the wherefores.  As I said all 3 bands performed brilliantly and gave 110% (they didn’t – they gave 100% cos you can’t give 110 – that’s just fucking stupid).  Shaped have something a bit different from the other stuff kicking around right now – I could hear Pixies, Breeders, Cleavers, Sonic Youth,  Bronto, The Falls drumming and, as ever, a whole shitload of other stuff that I’ll remember as soon as I click ‘PUBLISH’ on this post !!  I could see these girls and boy fitting in as a support for the likes of Garden of Elks or Carnivores.  They just made me smile for the whole half  hour or so set – such infectious happy energy !!  Oh, and I like 3 pieces – it’s all you need for rock n roll !!  Lo-Fi as fuck and proud of it !!  For me – that’s why they deserved to win their heat – best of luck in the semis (oooooo-er)


Oh and before I forget – the post title ?  Look at the photos here and on faecesboke – its the ‘Ceol-Mor Dart Board Syndrome’ all over again.  Its like my coupon – a total photo-ruiner  If youre going to have a ‘stage’ area then make it distraction and advert-free.  But, hey, thats a personal bug-bear – apart from that tiny little niggle of mine The Eagle is a cracking wee sweatbox !!

Right, photos !!!  All taken with the D7100 and a mix of the Nikon 50mm, Nikon 18 – 140mm and the Sigma 28 – 105mm.  I used my trusty homemade ‘grunge’ preset in Lightroom as I havent for a while – its handy for gigs where I’ve been forced to use flash and works well with the type of shots I got.  It’s a dark bugger of a place is The Eagle 🙂


battleofthebands (1)

battleofthebands (2)



battleofthebands (8)

battleofthebands (9)

battleofthebands (11)

battleofthebands (12)

Heres a shit video of a great wee band !!


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