20 Sneaky Rules About Being in a Band by Sari Delmar

I like this…….some interesting advice but definitely read the comments after. Whole things a great read

Sari Delmar

This industry is clouded with unspoken rules that define your band’s career every day. I’ve seen the frustration on both sides of the fence. Artists frustrated because they crossed a line they didn’t know existed and got shot down by a promoter/agent etc. and industry cursing a band because “THEY DONT UNDERSTAND!!!” Perhaps this keeps happening because no one has ever explained the inner industry politics to these artists. No one has ever said, “this rule exists to preserve this and when you are ignorant to it, it pisses everyone off!” Instead we go on cursing each other rather than working together.

Hopefully this will demystify some of the industry inner-workings and help create a common ground! Working on the industry side for so long, these are some of the most common conflicts I’ve seen happening again and again. There are loads more out there I’m sure, so feel free…

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