New to Me: Jack James


Hope all is well with you.

Just an email to say the first song from the fifth Jack James album, Stopping Distance, has been released.

The release date of the album is 3rd February 2014.

The song is called Florence.

Hello to you too – thanks for the email. Sorry Ive taken so long to do anything about it.  Wrists have been duly slapped.

First up I have to say that, for me, any tune that begins with the lyric “Here comes an art attack, There’s no Buchanan, just relax” surely deserves a listen. Secondly – I love this for the whole lo-fi thing that’s going on with the drums – you’ll know what I mean when it happens.  Here – have a listen………………..

“Jack James is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Glasgow, Scotland and has been independently releasing music since 2009. The fifth album, Stopping Distance, will be released in February 2014, and was recorded with voices, acoustic and electric guitars, banjos, pianos, accordions, basses and drums in the living room of a high-ceilinged tenement flat in Glasgow’s East End. Live performances have included supporting a number of established artists such as the Great Lake SwimmersPassenger and Joe Pug. In recent years, percussionist Gavin Crawford (formerly of Down the Tiny StepsSmall Town Boredom) has come on board to flesh out full-band tracks.”

Heres where to go to purchase incredibly cheap music from this talented gent – Jack James Online

You may also listen with your eyes…………..


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