New to Me: Law

When you recieve a press release like this you know, or at least you hope, that its going to be something special at the end of it all when you finally listen to the music the people over at SHOWLOVEPEOPLENOWKISS are shouting about.  Thankfully, for me anyway,  It is !!


I give you Law and here is the press release…………..

“How do you want to go?  Drowning, suffocating in a suppurating mire of insipid Nu R&B, crystalline snares and sopping kicks, topped with a pitch-perfect whine of self-pity, self-loathing and self-love?

 Go ahead then, there’s plenty of it.  The end of year lists are stuffed full, like bags of half dead kittens.

 (This is a press release for LAW, so what do you think the next line should be?  No, not yet.)

 I don’t know what brings the puke more – the android soul or the lack of awareness of about just how important it is, how crucial it is, to be original.  Oh, ye, who are in charge of the portals, you metropolitanites, dreaming of being tucked up warm and cosy with some silk skinned significant someone, sipping mulled wine in the morning with the merest hint of a taste of cocaine lingering among the flavours of passion spent from the night before, thinking there can be no more perfect soundtrack to the artful life than James Solo-Singer and his slinky beats, equally effective at low volumes, in coffee bars and porno shoots.

(Now.  Now talk about LAW.  Now)

The antidote?  Search harder, go deeper.  Find the special, the unique, take a chance, give your ears a chance, lay off the candyfloss, look for love not companionship, kill your food yourself, read your bible (take your poison), mean what you say, dress how your heart tells you and ignore Vogue & Vice, look at teenagers and wonder (what the fuck goes on in their brains), just wonder.  Love LAW.  Love LAW.  Love LAW.

EP released to stream and free download on February 3rd
single + video
premieres January 20″

I love shit like this.  Nowhere has any real information that I can see.  Let the music speak for itself.  So listen and make your own mind up.  Im intrigued and more than happy with what Im hearing/seeing/feeling……..Ill leave you to it !


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