New to Me: Turning Plates

More electronic mail informing me of new musicistic stuffisms out there in the ether………………….if you like a bit of Sigur Ros then these folks might just be up your side street !

Turning Plates are a Glasgow-based post rock quintet who came together to create new soundscapes and introduce fresh textures to contemporary music.

Since their formation in 2011 the band’s releases have garnered critical acclaim. Their first single ‘The Tin Man’ won Playmusic Magazine’s Award for Best Production of 2011 and their EP ‘Escapism’ was listed as Number 13 in The Herald’s Top 50 Albums of 2012.


With several prestigious shows under their belt, including tours throughout both the UK and the East Coast of America in 2012 during Hurricane Sandy, 2013 has seen the band locked in the recording studio producing their debut album. With an altogether much more mature sound than their previous work, the album is a collection of tales about wilderness, discovery and isolation. These stories are used as a metaphor, the underlying concept being a commentary on the development of the internet and the unprecedented effects it has had on society.”

There you go – Turning Plates !!  Quite a moving piece coupled with an amazing video – excellent !!  There is actually nothing more I can add – just sit down, get comfy, watch and listen.

Now away you go and find out some more about them………as always I have my fingers crossed and my lugs slightly cocked at that weird angle, you know the one, for a wee Highland gig…..hmmmmm, hmmmmmm.  Need to point my Nikons at something new…….



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