New to Me: Blitskald

We’re here …

Blitskald have arrived

Like some sort of musical wizards, Blitskald are proud to present our first release for your listening pleasure. We give you: Solitude 

Hoooooooold on there – bloody takeover. Cheeky knob twiddlers !!  Oh my I’m such a card – of course I copied and pasted that bit from the band’s website without their knowledge or permission because I’m a complete bastard but it is a great intro !!

The bands Graham Thomson dropped me a line recently and offered me wads of cash, champagne and a colossal amount of Twiglets – not to everyone’s taste but I’m a fan.  I’m also now a fan of Blitskald. Now the offer of the booze, money and snacks was in exchange for a few favourable words but I doubt they need my help having already caught the attention of Uncle Vic Galloway and young Ally McCrae over on the BBC.

They be a bit Homework, bit Churches, bit Kraftwerk, bit of fucking loads of things but as ever I wont actually think of all the great comparisons and clever things to say until about 20 mins after I post this. No matter – as long as you go and give them a listen, I’ll be a happy old grumpy bastard !!

So, here is the song Solitude and here is the hub of all things BLITSKALD


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