Walking in a something something something……….

Will we?  Wont we?  Will we?  Wont we? Will we?  Wont we?

That was the conversation at the new and improved dontblog Towers yesterday regarding the Winter Wonderland celebrationific event type event thing event in Inverness.  It was the last day and Id been working all weekend but it was absolutely baltic so, of course, we went to the youngest member of the dontblog team, Evie for the final decision. We asked the burning question “Reindeer’s & Santa or stay at home ?”

So here are some photos of the Winter Wonderland celebrationific event type event thing event in Inverness yesterday afternoon.  Hehe – twas a no brainer of course.  Very impressive it was too – very very very muddy but very impressive !!  Good opportunity for a bit of messing about with exposure times and ISO with the new kit too (see, always an ulterior motive.  Used to be snagging a pint but now its cameras).  We wrapped up warm and I packed an 18 – 140 and the nifty 50 as always.  I say ‘as always’ but it’s not seeing much action of late.  Very very pleased with the kit lens on the D7100 even operating at f3.5 its impressive.  Anyhoo – that’s geeky stuff that even I don’t fully understand.

wintwond (7)

Heres some blurb from Heeland Cooncil regarding the event and a few photos from yesterday.  Roll on 2014. Hohoho !!

The popular Winter Wonderland event will take place over the weekend of Friday 13 – Sunday 15 December. Featuring an opportunity to meet Santa and his Reindeer in a beautifully illuminated Whin Park, the Winter Wonderland show is always popular with the younger members of the Inverness Community and is one of the highlights of the Winter Festival for toddlers.

wintwond (4)

Hundreds of families are expected to attend this weekend’s Winter Wonderland, the Inverness Winter Festival’s most popular event for toddlers which will be staged at Whin Park this weekend. (Friday 13, Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 December).

Featuring the illumination of a number of giant attractions installed by The Highland Council’s Lighting Team; this year’s Wonderland at Whin Park will also see the debut of a number of effects created by Limelight Event Services. As well as giving children the chance to play on the numerous rides in the park, which will be especially floodlit for the occasion; the event will also give youngsters the chance to meet the special guests who will be joining Santa and his Reindeer; including the Huskies, the Four Calling Birds and the Snow King and Queen.

wintwond (1)

The Friday Wonderland will start at the later time of 6pm and finish at 9pm. On Saturday and Sunday the Wonderland will be open between 4pm and 7pm.

Inverness Winter Festival Working Group Chair Councillor Glynis Sinclair said: “This event has been designed for the smaller members of our community and for those who are young at heart and it seems to be growing in popularity with every passing year. We would ask everybody to wrap up warmly, pack their camera, and come and enjoy what is sure to be a wonderful experience for children of all ages.”

The Winter Wonderland is sponsored by the Inverness Common Good Fund as part of the Inverness Winter Festival programme.  Admission is free.

wintwond (9)

wintwond (8)

wintwond (6)

wintwond (5)

wintwond (2)

wintwond (3)


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