So Long and Thanks for All the Blue Lights………

“Right you three, Get out !”. That was the order from ‘above’ – D Wayne Love had spoken and it was time for the mere mortal photographers to leave the pit and take their place in the audience for what was, in my humble opinion, the most lacklustre and untogether performance I’ve ever seen Alabama 3 put in. I know for a fact that the rest of the audience loved it. That was obvious but, for me, comparing it with more than 20 shows over as many years it just didn’t cut it. Dont get me wrong, they were still great and by the end of the set they showed signs of starting to cook a bit – just a bit but Belladrum in August was a stark contrast – they were fucking tremendous there. Festival buzz a bit different maybe. Anyway iffy key changes aside I’m not going to sit and slag them off as they are still a favourite band of mine – Exile on Cold Harbour Lane is never far from these old lugs. As always it was the old songs from that very album that get the best response every time. Its a classic for sure !! I was a little bit gutted to be honest as I’ve seen them soooooo much better !!  A work colleague said its the best she’d seen them – I thought it the worst.  Just goes to show eh.

Theres a pile of pics over on the FAECESBOKE PAGE

Now – they did have a support act tonight. Local chappies. That’s always my main interest and the last time I saw these guys support a ‘major’ act they blew them off the stage (Admiral Fallow). They were The Whisky River Band back then. This time round The Whiskys won this battle in straight sets – no doubt !! You know how a ducks arse is water tight ? Whats tighter ? Well apart from me when its my round, it has to be Them Whiskys at the moment !!  If you’re from the Inverness area and haven’t seen them yet then what the fuck have you been doing ??  Treat yourself !! Gwan gwan gwan………..

Th….th….th….That’s all folks – enough pish – heres pics !!

Whisky a3 (8)

Whisky a3 (6)

Whisky a3 (4)

Whisky a3 (3)

Whisky a3 (9)

Whisky a3 (7)

Whisky a3 (1)

And now onto the predominantly blue-lit A3.  Strangely the lights improved straight after we were ushered from the pit.  A conscious thing on the part of the band ?  I hope not but you never know eh. Id be interested in finding out if anyone has any thoughts.   I’ve had stranger dealings with other acts in this snapping biz.  Or maybe I’m just shit at it……..

A3works (1)

A3works (2)

A3works (3)

A3works (4)

A3works (5)

A3works (6)


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