Daisies, Black Stars, Ravens and a little Desecration………..

………just another regular Thursday night in Inverness then eh?  The daisies were dead and the ravens were broken but that didn’t stop either from being just fucking dandy !!  Second outing gig-wise for the D7100 (first time for Mad Hatters)  Took the D40 with me for backup – it was not necessary.  I fear a Nikon sale may be on the cards – bye-bye D40 & D200, alas I knew them well.  Anyway – I digresssssssss (as ever).  This and another couple of current posts will be short and sweet due to hassles with British Telecom and trying to upload words and hi-rez pics over a fucking dongle.  Since the house-move I’m without broadband or telephone and I can’t be fucked waiting any longer to post this stuff so lets just get them the hell online eh………  

The Dead Daisies featuring past and present members of Guns n Roses, Rolling Stones and INXS among others – even the mighty Cold Chisel is in the mix thanks to powerhouse drummer Charlie Drayton.  I liked them, I liked them a lot.  Cool, funky, groove-laden rock n roll delivered with passion and heart.  (unlike the main event…………)

BSR Da (1)

BSR Da (2)

BSR Da (3)

BSR Da (4)

BSR Da (5)

BSR Da (6)

BSR Da (8)

BSR Da (9)

I did a sneaky and popped back into the pit for a few more shots later in the set.  The security ok’d it but I was fairly sure that it wouldn’t last.  Either the tour snapper who was in there or the opposite security guy gave him the nod but I was soon getting that tap on the shoulder.  Hehehe – you don’t get the money shot by following rules – I didn’t get it anyway but you know what I mean.  Managed a few more shots that nobody else got. (ok, a lot – it was in burst mode……)

BSR Da (10)

And then we had Black Star Riders – this was effectively the same band that played last year (was it last year?) as Thin Lizzy but different 🙂 .  Didnt do it for me again – the Lizzy stuff was ok but I found their own stuff a bit nondescript and bland.  Maybe I’m just too old for the old guys trying to be new………Ive just read that they are about to play on a cruise ship !?!!?  I rest my case.

BSR Da (11)

BSR Da (12)

BSR Da (13)

BSR Da (14)

BSR Da (15)

BSR Da (16)

BSR Da (17)

BSR Da (18)

BSR Da (19)

BSR Da (20)

BSR Da (21)

BSR Da (22)

Sooooooo, Bollocks to that !!  Off I go with my trusty assistant for the evening, The Beautiful Day, in search of a pint and some local RAWWWK !!  Mad Hatters it is and almost immediately we hit a WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? moment.  One man metal God, from Dingwall, Keram the Desecrator was in town playing his final gig of 2013.  Metal with humour at least I think that’s the idea.  A godawful racket but I strangely enjoyed it. I blame the Bacardi.  Roll on 2014 to see what’s up his sleeve or maybe even bezippified trouser leg.

BSR Da (26)

My night was rounded off rather groovily with the Masters of Reality/Screaming Trees kinda tunes of Stornoways The Broken Ravens.  First time I’ve seen them live – wont be the last.  The perfect bookend for the night that began with The Dead Daisies at the other side of the shelf (eh ?).  They also contain my new favourite drummer – thank fuck its a bloke this time after my Elk and Bizerk feminismismisms from earlier this year……….

BSR Da (24)

BSR Da (25)

So that’s yer lot.  Fuck you BT for making my life difficult in ways it shouldn’t be in the 21st Century.  Fuck you very much

Other photos shall appear slowly but surely over at the usual places, FAECESBOKE (bsr),   FAECESBOKE (tbr) and FLICKR


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