Its Award Time !

Yup – its time for the ‘Who Gives A Shit What That Old Bastard Houdi Thinks‘ bit.  Well Im even older now cos todays my 47th birthday so I’m going to assume someone somewhere cares and then smugly tell you what my favourite records were from 2013.

Everyone else will be doing it along with fucking lists of stuff that happened and didn’t happen or should’ve happened this last year and then there will be those fucking inane Tips for the Top in 2014.  There’ll be a shit-train of those being trotted out any minute now.  I’m only doing this one cos both albums I’m picking are absolutely brilliant and if you don’t own them then, in my not so humble opinion, I think your lugs are missing out.

I’ve bought very little apart from Scottish music this year for a change.  A lot of it downloaded thru Bandcamp pages – an absolute Godsend of a site – or procured/gifted by the artists themselves in exchange for my world-famous 3 word reviews or photos etc.  I am a massive fan of the barter system.  Hey Im rambling so Ill stop and just plug the albums – aye plural.  I just couldn’t tear myself away from either of them and still can’t.  Both can have me jumping about like a teenager or having my heartstrings tugged and I was lucky to see both albums performed beautifully either at the launch night or on the subsequent tour.

Without further ado *rustles the golden envelope* (Russells a golden envelope ?) (Whos Russell ?)

Ladies, Gentlemen and other Humanoids, the dontblog Award for Brilliant Fucking Albuminismical Albumisms goes to

Rumour Mill

Rumour Mill by Duncan Overmeer



Indivision by This Silent Forest

Normally Id use this as an excuse to post photos of the actual bands/gigs but I’m not that shallow !!  Instead here are tracks from both albums……..oh did I mention the other award ??  the dontblog Award for Shorter Than An Album and With Less Tracks Musical Release ??  No ?  Well lets see whats resting in the corner of the golden envelope……why its………

White Lights

White Lights by Campfires in Winter.  I still have to pull the car over to airdrum to this. As far as single pieces of music THIS is the one I’ve turned to all year whenever I’m stuck listening to run-of-the-mill pish.  It does it on every level for me.  I. Fucking. Love. It !!  It was my antidote to that fucking awful Daft Punk thing all summer and for that I thank you Campfires.  I thank all of you fine upstanding chaps who created the aforementioned music which made me both laugh and greet at varying times over the last 11 months or so.  Cheers ya bastards 🙂

So there you go – Facts about me that nobody but nobody gives a fuck about but its my site so I get to post stuff like this if I want.  Also if your football comes into my garden Ill burst it and keep it in my greenhouse. Ya Boo Sucks !!

Heres music !!


And if you think I was leaving this photo-free yer sadly mistaken !!

Heres to another amazing year of Scottish music in 2014 !!

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